The 10 best WordPress plugins

This content manager has become the most used, with difference, around the world. It supposes, of course, constantly work on it to offer all kinds of improvements and particularities that make the websites different from each other. Since Asdeideas we tell you what are the 10 best plugins that you should have installed in your WordPress to get it.

Top mejores plugins para WordPress

Although there is much more that we consider essential, we have made a selection of 10 plugins that are used at a general level.



Plugin Anti-Spam

Works great for detect spam comments so undesirable for site administrators, especially when these are published without review.

This particular plugin is not to send your comments to a spam folder, but, directly, prevents access to robots and other spam-type comments that, incidentally, they are detected quite well.

It is free and very light; offering a lot for very little. Especially good, as we say, for sites where approval is not required.


It is the complement that you have to install to have good site backups.

It turns out very fast, something essential when we have to use it as often as is the case, as well as simple and reliable.

WordPress Yoast Seo

It may not be essential for specialists in writing and web optimization because those of us who dedicate ourselves to it have the SEO already integrated into our chip. However, is a great tool for cases of self-managed websites in which the employer himself or a worker is responsible for filling the site with content.

It is an indicative traffic light that shows you what you are doing good, regular and bad in relation to SEO and the ease of reading of each publication.

Google XML Sitemaps

It serves for index the pages of the site in the Google search engine (and the rest). It does this by giving notices of new content on your site so that the search spiders come to see how it is..

Lazy Load

Makes images on your site do not open and see until, by scroll, they are reached. In this way, the site is faster.


Works optimizing css, html y javascript while allowing this code to be cached, thereby avoiding its burden over and over again when a user revisits the site.

Access Press Social Share

It is the typical addition of buttons so that share content on social media. Is it used a lot? No, the truth. Users do not usually do this practice. However, there are sectors in which share is more common and, in any case, if you don't give the option they never will, so start instalando Access Press Social Share in less than a minute; it won't cost you more.

WordPress Related post

Simple where there are, US propose related articles at the end of a post. Ideal for blogs with a lot of content, for those sites where the buyer persona is a very reader and where we want to reduce the bounce rate.

Plugin Easy Table of contents

It is widely used today because it allows the user check at a glance whether the article answers your questions and where, being able to access that particular point by clicking. Of course, it is also good for position, it is a perfect way to indicate that the content is well structured.

TinyMCE Advanced

We end up with a plugin that gives the importance that the writing deserves by offering many more customization options to include in your texts, making them unique.

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