5 key benefits of elearning

5 key benefits of elearning: The elearning platforms, Learning Management System (LMS) o Learning Management System, have become an important educational tool for large and medium-sized companies. Companies that want to optimize productivity and corporate efficiency, through the training of your staff.

There are many benefits that elearning platforms bring. In this article we will delve into the five most important. Take two minutes and find out how to increase the capacity of your business generating value through online education.


1. Generates educational independence

Because only one computer is required to access the tool, the employee will be able to be independent about the schedules and contents that will be reviewed. You can advance at your own learning speed, from the comfort of your home or office. Certainly, This facility allows the student in training not to lose the motivation to learn and train in specialized topics that help improve your company.


2. Simultaneous staff training

Elearning platforms adopt training programs designed to cover different hierarchical levels within the company. They are easily configured to respond to specific employee needs, of their positions and the requirements of the work environment.

These standardized actions make it possible to assign simultaneous courses to a large group of students., simplifying the expenses that represents the predetermined learning paths for each individual.


3. Allows immediate interaction

Educational platforms work under a digital information registry, namely, that nothing is transcribed manually. Thus, course participants can access educational material (audios, e-books and videos), as many times as they deem necessary. What's more, a virtual learning environment is created, where there is direct interaction with teachers specialized in different subjects, giving dynamism to each class.


4. Generates motivation in employees

Employees feel more motivated and increase their productivity, since the company cares about them and provides them with tools for their academic training that ultimately improve their professional profile and encourage personal growth.

In addition, how these tools allow monitoring, assessment and certification of learning. The student is motivated to make the most of it for improvements, well be, salaries or other benefits representative of the position.


5. Reduces expenses for employees and the company

Unlike traditional education, elearning platforms are a new model that represents a monetary saving in educational material, because everything is supported in a database.

There are also less transportation costs, since the student should not leave the comfort of their home or office. Finally, synchronous or asynchronous support, from teacher, tutor or expert allows you to take advantage of teaching for several people at the same time, that the need to hire teaching staff is reduced.

There are a series of actions that are important to carry out before the implementation of elearning platforms in the company. This has to do with making a diagnosis of the pedagogical needs of the company. The number of employees who would participate in the training must be taken into account, what would be the areas to strengthen, the training time available, among other points.

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