The 10 SEO key points

Since Asdeideas, we have already been able to do a tasting of the new year and, just as the 2018, we found a certain trend in web optimization. Also, due to the logical advance of technologies and modes of consumption, new strategies will be established. Either way, you can not miss what are the 10 SEO key points for this 2019.

10 trends of SEO on 2019

Although there is much to do this year so as not to be left behind, the key points of SEO that stand out the most are:

Voice search

Maybe the voice search is the most important of the SEO key points for this 2019. We have already seen all kinds of devices that last year improved considerably in relation to voice recognition (speakers, televisions, etc) Y, of course, this year we take hold at this point.

Key points to take into account in the SEO implementation for this 2019

Visual search

Similar to the above, but with images. These are still another resource for your content to be noticed. There is much more than we think to position and many people do not know it. Thus, the SEO of the images, many times, makes the difference.

SEO in apps

With the vast amount of software available for download today, it is also necessary to be noticed, because the results are many and, if we don't take care of this aspect, we stay in the queue.

TV social

It is a trend insocial media and it is a trend in SEO.More and more users are watching videos on social networks and, thus, the creation of content on this type of platform is favored.

SEO for Amazon

Positioning yourself on Amazon will be very well seen in search engines. Thus, Much of the efforts in your marketing strategy should be focused on this aspect.

With the immensity of the market place, more and more users go from the search engine and go directly to Amazon. A) Yes, you will have to optimize content but aspects such as ratings also influence, sales volume and much more.

Clustered content

For several years now, the shift towards improving the user experience or has become evident. A) Yes, one of the key aspects will be a good classification of the administration. One of the first things to consider is the cluster for content, that will make navigation better.


This technology is increasingly used and, thus, gains importance. Its use, known for being behind the famous bitcoins, goes much further and, thus, its uses are extended.

Fred Algorithm

Of the 2017, this not only is maintained but each website that strays from its patterns is less recommended by the search engine.This does not position but penalizesso you have to be more careful even if possible, especially if you already have your website in a good place.

Definitive "goodbye" to black hat SEO, if you use it, Hello to purity in experience.


He has been doing a couple of exercises that he has been saying that you have to add the security "s" to our URL. Google has favored these but 2019 it's already the year, from here it does not happen that to a normal HTTP, no SSL certificate, the cross is made.

Importance of CTR

The last of the 10 SEO key points for this 2019 it is given on an internal level, not visible by user. It is about finding a way to improve our CTR, namely, the number of pulses on a result in relation to the total impressions it has had in search engines.

To achieve this you will have to work on the title and meta description, be encouraged to use emojis, what is it taking, use rich data…

First position in the search engine ranking developing the key SEO points for this 2019

From our agency, we will be happy to help you in the SEO web positioning in order to improve rankings in search engines such as Google or Bing for certain keywords, and thus improve visibility on the network and obtain more quality traffic.

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