E-learning solutions Panama
Strategy and planning

On Asdeideas Panama we offer you service of e-learning consulting to develop the best training solutions and educational pills adapted to the requirements and objectives of your company.

We will help you develop and define the best e-learning strategy and solution from the initial needs analysis phase to the development of the training project. We customize your moodle platform and create e-learning content with Articulate Storyline.

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Elearning consulting Panama

Elearning specialists on:

  • Design and development projects elearning.
  • Creation of elearning content.
  • Development of training pills.
  • Management and development of LMS training platforms.
  • Creation of virtual learning communities.
  • Development of MOOC training platforms.
  • Tutoring and coordination of training courses.
  • Creation of online courses custom.
Elearning company Panama
Create Moodle Panama platform

Platforms formative

The training platform is the virtual site where the classrooms are organized, courses, content and learning activities. These platforms are known as LMS (Learning Management System). We take care of designing, manage and develop your LMS platform with Moodle: design customization, organization of workspaces, creation of classrooms and training courses, content import, management of users and roles within the platform, etc.

Online courses custom

We design personalized learning content to your needs, providing them with a creative and attractive approach to users..

We develop elearning content and training pills in format SCORM ready to be integrated into your LMS platform.

Training platforms open

We design MOOC open training platforms integrated into your WordPress content manager: design customization, organization of workspaces, creation of classrooms and training courses, content import, management of users and roles within the platform, etc.

Create elearning Panama

Our methodology

We analyze the training needs of your company and help you define a training plan that meets your objectives.

From customer materials, we adapt the contents offering a pedagogical treatment adapted to the online environment. We create content SCORM customized and adapted to your needs (HTML5, Flash). We develop and manage your e-learning platform with Moodle, adapting it to the characteristics of your company and implementing the courses and content you want to offer. Leave it in our hands, our team takes care of everything.

We offer training based entirely on your needs.

We launch its contents and test the correct operation.

Moodle (LMS)

It is a computer tool that allows you to manage and present educational materials to professionals and students of different educational levels. The main objective of this Learning Management System o Learning Management System, is to give the person the freedom to educate themselves from any corner where they are and at the time they want, via an internet connection.

Allows personalized courses, has a friendly interface, is compatible with other platforms such as SCORM and AICC, serves for evaluations and informative collaborations, can follow up with the student, It has a system of qualifications and awards and a multiplicity of languages.


The MOOC o massive open online course, it is one of the most complete open education modalities, its central objective is the liberation of knowledge for a wide audience. Among its advantages we can mention:

  • Allows access to updated content and a large number of courses from educational institutions around the world.
  • Provides the option to compare informational material and training systems.
  • Strengthens corporate brands and allows you to be in contact with a wide audience, what favors commercial exchange.

Training pill (SCORM)

SCORM o Shareable Content Object Reference Model, it is one of the most popular training pills worldwide, because it allows creating standards that can be used in any LMS platform.

Allows the use of training capsules made with other tools.