Google Data Studio

In the digital world we are continuously receiving news of all kinds. Training is hard and constant work, because every day more than we can learn comes to light. In this case, Google is giving us work to keep your website launching Google Data Studio. Do you want to know what it is and how it is used?

What is Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio is a service that brings together the data from Google Analytic, Google Search Console y Google Adwords.

With this information, specific reports are designed, customized according to the requests that we introduce. These, of course, They are very easily interpretable and offer very adequate conclusions in relation to the marketing strategies that have been implemented and that are already yielding results..

We can indicate, after use, that this entails benefits in the following directions:

  • The data generated by these Google tools is processed.
  • These are transferred in a very simple and visual way to what is known as dashboards or dashboards.
  • This data that we visualize is given in real time.
  • When we apply the various available data search filters we get truly personalized charts.
  • The reports obtained can be shared in a similar way to how the Drive suite works.

Data evolution in Google Data Studio

How is it used Google Data Studio?

Best of all, using this application is really simple and, in fact, It greatly facilitates the work of us as a digital marketing company because in AsdeIdeas we usually offer all kinds of reports to the clients to whom we take their websites.

To make the best use of Google Data Studio, you just have to consider the following:

  • Access.
    • It's as simple as logging in with the account with which Analytics is synced, Adwords and Search Console.
    • After, we go to the Google applications menu and we enter this new.
  • Create a report.
    • It is as simple as clicking on the "+" icon, that indicates the addition of a new report.
    • With "Create data source" you will create a link with the new data that you are about to enter and that correspond to the Google application of your interest..
  • Graphics Settings. Really important in a report on movements on a website are the graphics. Thus, deserve special attention.
    • Choose the source from which to receive the data.
    • Dimensions. They are qualitative values (quality) of the type of connection devices or most viewed pages. It's how information is grouped.
    • Metrics. Here we throw quantitative data, namely, quantity. Would enter, for example, Number of users, sessions, etc. They relate to the dimensions described above.
    • Filters. We have different options to apply to the two previous points, in a way that allows us to enjoy a visualization of the precise content that we need to know, making reports lighter, dynamic and easy to consult and understand.
    • Design and theme. It is not only attended to aesthetic values; aspects such as colors may help to understand the information.

Report creation in Google Data Studio

All that remains is to share the reports created with those users you want, such as the agency's staff in our case., our clients and, to be desired, your own template too.

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